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59 Main Street, Huonville, TAS, 7109

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Huonville Pharmacy has been providing pharmacy services to the Huon Valley for over 40 years.

Starting in 1973 as a small pharmacy with one Pharmacist and one Shop Assistant. We didn't have computers in those days, we used typewriters to print the labels and prescriptions were recorded by hand into a prescription journal. Then we advanced to photocopying the prescriptions for recording and storage. Computerisation was introduced in the early 1980's which certainly made life much easier.

We have had the pleasure of seeing a number of generations of the same families grow up and become valued staff, clients and friends. Our staff has also grown over that time with some having worked at the Pharmacy since the 1980's.

The Pharmacy has grown in size and we have increased the professional services we offer, with Medication reviews, health checks, dose administration aids,vaccination services and health promotion campaigns. We are dedicated to continual improvement which allows us to offer quality advice tailored through highly trained staff.

We look forward to helping you with your medicine and healthcare needs.

Our history

Our Pharmacists

We have a large team of 7 Pharmacists, and most days we have 2-3 available to discuss your needs.

Loyalty is fundamental to success and at Huonville Pharmacy we have many long term team members who have been part of this community for their whole lives. Our team actively undertakes ongoing training and development to ensure the highest standards of service. Our pharmacist team consistently attend professional development courses to ensure they are up to date on new medicines and health care treatments.

We are very proud of the passion and enthusiasm of our pharmacy staff and trust you will experience service that meets your high expectations on every visit.



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Our Team

Our staff experience is extensive. So many members of our team have been working with us for all of their working life and have great understanding of the needs of our customers and community. Many of them have specialty areas in which to help you with your health requirements. 

Our Dispensary staff is made up of a mix of pharmacists and Dispensary Technicians ready to give advice. 

We have our Beautician Annie, available for Beauty Advice, Nude cosmetics, Natio and specialist skin care and members of our team who have a special interest in first aid and wound care.

We are committed to your health and the health of your family.

Dispensary Technician


Dispensary Technician


Dispensary Technician


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Dispensary Technician


Dispensary Technician


Pharmacy Assistant



Pharmacy Assistant


Pharmacy Assistant





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Huonville Pharmacy Main Street Tasmainia

59 Main Street, Huonville, TAS, 7109 

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